November 2022: a lazy recap

Another recap written from the train, on my phone, so I get something out for this month.

What’s new

I started the new job at AMBOSS this month.

My main motivation to change was the need for a more meaningful mission to work towards and empowering doctors to provide the best possible care sounded very compelling! I was also curious to go to a mid-sized company, as my experience in this career so far has been either a 10-people startup where each person was basically its own department or 5000+ employees in a somewhat well established operating model spread around the world.

It’s definitely been an interesting change from fast-paced “post-apocalyptic” hypergrowth tech company to a medical company with a digital product, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, so I’ll leave the reflection for next year!

Something new about this website is that, with the whole Twitter situation going on, I took some time this month to add an RSS feed to make it easier for people to follow these recaps without relying on my sharing tweets. I hope it’s useful!

What’s exciting

We’re going to Mexico!

My partner is turning 35 in December and our original plan was to go celebrate it in Brazil, but the flights have been unbelievably expensive since we started looking in May. So we decided to look at other options and ended up finding much cheaper flights to Cancun!

We had never really talked about going to Mexico before, but as we started planning and telling people about it, it got more and more exciting. We’ll be spending three weeks, including Christmas, in Mexican lands and I can’t wait to get out of cold Berlin for a bit!

What’s recommended

And that’s a wrap! Wishing everyone a lovely and relaxing last month of the year!

Written on a Saturday in December, 2022