Initial Commit

So after 18 months since I started this journey into software development, I ‘accidentally’ wrote a blog post last month.

It’s not like I never thought of it. I’ve read about learning in public and one of the advices that stuck with me the most when I got my first job as a developer was to ‘make sure you document your learnings’.

But it was hard. Once I actually started the job, everything was so new that I didn’t even know what or how to document. I was too busy learning to be able to write about what was happening. I went from a 3-month Javascript bootcamp to a Ruby on Rails codebase, to setting up a React Native app with Typescript and TailwindCSS. In, like, 6 months? It was wild.

Almost a year later, I’m in a new job and starting to feel more comfortable with the process. I finally got started on personal projects I had on my list since the beginning of 2020, like working on a personal website and learning Svelte.

I still wasn’t planning to write though. At least not to commit to it. But then one Friday evening (I could say it’s pandemic, but the truth is I’d probably be doing the same if it wasn’t) I was writing down how I did this thing and all of a sudden what had started as ‘just a plain html landing page to say hi and link to my github’ became a seed for something else.

It’s in Svelte now. It supports markdown.

And this is my initial commit to keep growing it.

Written on a Tuesday in February, 2021