A recap of what's been missing

Alright, let’s get back to this. I have neglected this habit of writing monthly recaps for almost half a year now, so this is an attempt to remember some important things that happened and, well, to start again.

In the last months I:

I think that’s a good recollection of what’s been up lately. It’s been quite a busy summer and it feels like I’ve been more social than ever, which on one hand I enjoyed, but I realise I haven’t been making much time for myself.

One of the things I tried for the first time in the writing course was automatic writing and I’ve been doing it sometimes to get more into the habit of writing without a specific purpose. Something that came up today is how taking the time to keep track of my life helps me feel more in control and that I haven’t been doing a good job at it, so I’m hoping this won’t go abandoned for so long again.

Until then, that’s a wrap!

Written on a Monday in August, 2023